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Connecting Phones and Mobile Devices to Employee Email
Last Updated 8 years ago

You can set up your mobile device, such as iPhone or Android phone, to receive email from your employee email account. Follow the directions below.Note: The app published by Microsoft does not work with your employee email account.

iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

  1. Follow the directions here to add a new email account:
  2. Choose "Microsoft Exchange"
  3. Enter your full email address and password.
  4. Type in "Server"
  5. Type lincdom in "Domain"
  6. Type in your computer login name for "User"
  7. Type in your password.
  8. Tap "Next"
  9. Your email is now set up.

Android Phones and Tablets

  1. Open the Email app.
  2. If you are not asked to add an account (when you already have another email account set up), you will have to add an account manually. This varies by device, but usually you tap the menu button, tap “Settings,” and tap “Add Account"
  3. Enter your email address and password, then tap "Manual Setup"
  4. Tap "Exchange"
  5. Enter the following information:
  6. Domain: lincdom
  7. Username: your email user name
  8. Server:
  9. Tap "Next." You may be asked to activate Security for the account. Tap "OK" or "Activate"
  10. You will then be asked to choose what items to sync. Make your choices, then tap "Next"
  11. Your email is now set up.

Windows Phone

  1. Open Settings, then tap "email + accounts"
  2. Tap "add an account," then "Outlook"
  3. Enter your full email address and password, and tap "Sign In"
  4. Your email is now set up.
If you have questions about your e-mail account, or are having trouble logging in, please submit a new ticket, and choose Email as the Help Topic.

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