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How do I print from my iPad or iPhone?
Last Updated 8 years ago

You can print to campus printers directly from apps that support AirPrint. You must install the Printing app (not available in the App Store) before you can print.

Note: you must be connected to LC-Secure to use this feature.

Install the iOS App

  1. On your iPad or iPhone, go to
  2. A pop-up will ask if you want to install a Profile. Tap "Install," then "Install Now."
  3. Tap "Done."
  4. Go to your Home Screen, and you will see that you have a Printing app available.
  5. Tap on the Printing app, then log in using your LynxNET (Computer Login) user name and password.

Print from an App

  1. In the app you want to print from, tap image or image. If you do not see either icon, check the user guide or help screen for that app.
  2. Tap "Print" or image.
  3. Choose the printer you want to use.
  4. Choose the number of copies and any other options, then tap "Print."
  5. You can open the Printing app to confirm that your app printed correctly.

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