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What is the Lincoln College Print Management system?
Last Updated 3 years ago

The Lincoln College Print Management system allows us to provide several useful features to Lincoln College students and employees:
The Print Management system also allows the IT department to better gauge printer usage to aid in planning and preventative maintenance.

You can log in to the Print Management system by going to

NOTE: The Print Management system is currently only available on the Lincoln Campus. We are working on extending the system to cover the Normal Campus.

Printing Costs

One of the major features of the Print Management system is that we have associated per-page costs with each printer. These are the real costs that the College incurs when you print. At this time, we do not charge you or your department for printing. We are providing the associated cost for every print job so that you are aware of printing costs for the College. We hope that you will use this information when planning your printing, and to possibly adjust your printing usage. Here are some ways you can decrease your printing usage:
  • Print in duplex (two-sided) if possible
  • Avoid printing emails
  • Avoid printing content that is easily viewed on screen
  • Avoid printing content that you are giving to another person; instead email the document or (for faculty) upload the file to MyLynx
  • If your default printer is a color printer, change your default settings to print in black and white, and change it to color only when needed

Upcoming Features

We are excited about a few upcoming features for the Print Management system.

Printing Quotas and Department Charging

We are investigating the possibility of implementing a quota, or limit, on free printing provided to students. We are planning on using the data gathered using the Print Management system to determine a reasonable limit on free printing so that only students who are printing irresponsibly will need to adjust their usage. We are also investigating supplementing the free quota with "top-up" cards that can be purchased to add quota.

Additionally, we are investigating charging employee printing to the employee's department.

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