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What WiFi networks are available at Lincoln College?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Lincoln College has three WiFi networks available on campus. They are as follows:

LC-Secure - This network is available across the entire Lincoln College Lincoln and Normal campuses. If you are a student or employee of Lincoln College please connect to the LC-Secure network for a more secure and overall better experience. To connect user your Lincoln College issued username and password. If you are having issues connecting a Windows 10 device, please use this how-to guide

LC-Open -
  This network is a guest network that is available across the entire Lincoln College Lincoln and Normal campuses. LC-Open should only be used by guests visiting the college. There is minimal security and speed restrictions on this network.

LC-Devices - LC-Devices is only available in the residence halls and the student center. This network should be used by Lincoln College students and employees for devices such as Playstations, Xboxs, Rokus, Apple Tvs, etc,. The password to this network is posted on signage around campus.

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