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How do I connect to the Wi-Fi network?
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Lincoln College has two Wi-Fi networks available across the entire campus, LC-Open, and LC-Secure. LC-Open is a guest network with minimal security. If you are able to connect to the LC-Secure network, please do so as it will be an overall better experience.

Connecting to LC-Secure

  1. Choose LC-Secure from the list of wireless networks on your device.
  2. See below for a list of information you may need to enter.
  3. Click "Join," "Connect," "Save," or "OK."
  4. If you are prompted to accept a security certificate, or if your device says there is a problem with the security certificate, choose "Accept" or "Connect."
  5. You are now connected LC-Secure.
You may need to enter some, but not necessarily all, of the following information when connecting to LC-Secure:
  • User name: this is your LynxNET user name. This may be labeled as "Identity." On Windows, you may need to add "lincdom\" to the beginning of your user name.
  • Password: this is your LynxNET password.
  • Phase 2 Authentication: choose "MSCHAPV2" or "MS-CHAP v2."
  • Leave all other information as the default.
If you are having issues connecting, please see the attached PDF for detailed instructions. If you still have questions about the Wi-Fi network, or are having trouble logging in, please open a new ticket, and choose Network / Wireless as the Help Topic.

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